Annual Report 2016/17


Bacon with benefits

In 2016, McDonald's named Tulip Ltd as its 'Supplier of the Year' in the UK. The award was the result of a four-year project which saw Tulip Ltd's factory in Bodmin working closely with McDonald's to optimise its bacon deliveries.

"The changes mean that we are now supplying bacon refrigerated rather than frozen, we have extended the bacon's shelf-life, and we are packing it in a new way, making it easier for McDonald's sta . In this way, we have helped McDonald's cut the time it takes to prepare the food by a couple of seconds, which is all-important in a fast-food context," says Steve Francis, CEO of Tulip Ltd.

Over a period, Tulip Ltd has invested more than 45 million DKK in the optimisation project. New and modern equipment has been installed, and the Bodmin factory has built an exact copy of a McDonald's kitchen so that the products can be tested on an ongoing basis and developed further to ensure that they work in the best possible way.

"The partnership shows how we can have a positive impact on the customer experience at McDonald's," says Steve. "Our partnership is really best practice."

Tulip Ltd has supplied bacon to McDonald's for more than 30 years. The bacon is delivered to all 1,200 McDonald's restaurants in the UK, which together serve three million customers a day.