Annual Report 2016/17


Feeding the World

In 2050, our planet will have to feed almost 10 billion people. The massive urbanisation and a growing middle class place new demands on food production.

Analyses from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) estimate that we will see a twofold increase in the demand for protein by 2050 due to population growth and changed dietary habits.

At the same time, climate change is going to change the conditions for agricultural production in many countries. In some places, the climate is getting warmer, allowing more and new crops to be grown. In other parts of the world, climate change will make it difficult to farm the land at all.

As a food company, these challenges are all around us, and we accept our shared responsibility for finding new solutions that can feed more people in a sustainable manner and with less of an impact on the world's resources.

Need for entirely new solutions

Under the heading 'Feeding the world', we have made the global challenges facing the agricultural sector and meat- based foods one of the primary focus areas in Danish Crown's new Sustainability Strategy. With this strategy track, we want to:

– Take a long-term approach to working with challenges and opportunities

– Seek partnerships and cooperation with external researchers, scientists and stakeholder organisations to contribute to creating new knowledge and solutions

– Find systemic solutions that can help us make significant developmental advances.

– Support our owners and suppliers with new knowledge, know-how and technology to enable them to take more of the many small steps which are already driving us in a more sustainable direction every day.