Annual Report 2016/17


Good jobs for everyone

Our employees are our most important resource, and one of the five main tracks in the sustainability strategy is all about providing good jobs for all our employees. We create jobs in rural districts, and job opportunities for both skilled and unskilled workers. Through a number of targeted programmes, we have also helped people outside the workforce return to the labour market after a period on public benefits.

It is our ambition to: provide good jobs for everyone, ensure healthy and safe workplaces and respect the right of workers to just and favourable work conditions. Ensure diversity and social inclusion in our workforce.

We have identified the following risks related to Good jobs for everyone: Injuries and work-related absenteeism. Access to sufficient future recruitment base.

Major strategic focus on employees

During the year, the group's HR function has initiated a number of cross-organisational initiatives as well as internal knowledge sharing as a way of establishing a uniform approach to the Danish Crown way of working. For example, an HR Partner structure has been implemented, which means that all subsidiaries now have access to knowledge and expertise about both strategic and operational HR issues.

Also, a new title structure has been introduced in Denmark, Germany and Sweden aimed at increasing transparency at management and staff levels throughout the organisation. A similar title structure will be introduced in the UK and Poland next year.

Greater focus on occupational health and safety

Even though we are increasingly using robot technology and investing in high-tech auxiliary equipment, the slaughtering, cutting and deboning of pigs and cattle is a physically demanding job. As shown by the materiality analysis, there is scope for further improvements when it comes to our working environment and to accidents at work. The number of accidents at work has decreased in the past three years, but is still too high.

We still need to invest in technology which can reduce the strain on employees and increase our focus on the importance of using safety equipment and complying with safety instructions in our daily work. We are now seeing the effects of an increased focus among both employees and managers.

Increased workforce with social integration

In recent years, we have developed our knowledge and skills in working with social integration of refugees, people on social benefits and others at the edge of the labour market. It is a development track which we expect to develop further and implement in other parts of the group, in close cooperation with local authorities, job centres and local educational institutions.

Human rights

When acquiring and establishing activities in new countries, we conduct a risk assessment of human rights, anti-corruption and the environment as an integral part of the general business risk analysis associated with such a project. Danish Crown is in the process of implementing the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation in the company for the purpose of ensuring the protection of employee data.


As a company, Danish Crown is one of the most diverse and socially inclusive companies in the Danish and Europe labour markets when it comes to production workers.

Our diversity agenda is a strategic priority, which is about ensuring that as an organisation we benefit from the positive effects of having a diverse workforce in terms of educational background, gender and nationality as well as cultural a affiliation.