Annual Report 2016/17


Pig buildings for a sustainable future

Peder Rasmussen's new silver-grey pig building stands out in the undulating landscape near Lystrup, Denmark, and attracts considerable interest from passers-by. And with good reason.

"This pig building rests on a fundamental belief in the future," says Peder, who has been a pig producer for the past 30 years. "We nished the building in July, and by early September we are already producing to full capacity."

The new pig building is now at the heart of Peder’s production. With space for 5,000 slaughter pigs, the new building is a prototype for energy savings, fewer odours and a better indoor climate for both pigs and employees. For Peder, the new pig building is also good business – an investment in a sustainable future.

"Until last year, we produced 16,500 weaners a year, of which 10,000 were exported," he explains. "The remaining 6,500 were reared in our three buildings for slaughter pigs."

Thanks to the clever way in which he is using the new building and one of the old buildings, he now has capacity for 1,700 more weaners and 13,400 more slaughter pigs a year.

"I'm now producing 20,000 slaughter pigs a year here in Denmark," he says. "And when I look at the gures, it makes sense."

The calculation includes everything from construc- tion costs, of which the EU's rural development programme provided 4.25 million DKK, to the increasing payments per kg this year and in the future.

"It's all about gearing my farm for the future," he says. "And it's a question of being in the top 25 per cent of farmers. If Danish Crown delivers on the new strategy, then this project will make good nancial sense."