Annual Report 2016/17


Snack as one

Tulip Food Company is working closely with Sokołów to achieve a leading position in the snacks category, which is expected to boom in the coming years. Under the 4WD strategy, snacks are defined as one of the four focus areas in the group, which is intended to create a leading position in the category in three out of the four domestic markets, i.e. in Denmark, Sweden and Poland.

Eating habits are changing, and it is becoming increasingly common to eat smaller meals or snacks during the day. Consumption pat- terns resemble each other across the markets, and new snack products are therefore being developed for launch on several markets. Among other things, this is happening through dedicated innovation workshops and extensive cooperation across the organisation.

In both Denmark and Sweden, Tulip Food Company has successfully launched snack products produced by Sokołów. The product range comprises small salami sticks, salami chips and small salami snacks, for example suitable for tapas, and further launches are in the pipeline, for example of a protein bar concept with three variants, and we are also working to launch a range of jerky snacks. Expectations are high for the protein bars in particular, as it is a brand new category of products in today's market.

In the space of just 18 months, Tulip Food Company has won a 20 per cent market share for the ‘ölkorv’ sausage category in Sweden with snack products under the GØL brand.