Annual Report 2016/17


Sustainable food production

CSR has been part of the daily work of all business units for decades, especially when it comes to food safety as well as environmental issues and reducing our resource consumption.

With our new group Sustainability Strategy, this year we have created a common basis for making coordinated progress in our CSR activities across countries, markets and functions.

Environment and climate

We have continued our local focus on environmental and climate improving activities in each business unit through- out the year. Some of our main activities have been:

  • Responsible procurement and supplier management

During the financial year, we have established a global procurement function in Danish Crown. We have thus created the basis for a more structured approach to responsible procurement and supplier management.

We have carried out materiality and stakeholder analyses of our procurement activities, and based on these analyses, we prepare to further involve them in our efforts to respect human rights and labor rights. We apply a systematic approach designed to identify and handle risks locally, and to document the steps taken to eliminate and reduce the risks. By this we especially seek to contribute to the abolition of child labor, forced labor and slavery, and to combat discrimination.

Through a newly amended Supplier Code of Conduct we will require suppliers in all parts of the supply chain to adopt policies and procedures to respect human rights and labor rights and set up a system for assessing, handling and reporting on the risks for infringing such rights. Suppliers are also required to align with local legislation related to climate and environmental standards, and to refrain from corruption and bribery.

The new Danish Crown standards on responsible sourcing will be implemented stepwise, starting with suppliers involved in our new operation site in China.

  • Sustainable packaging solutions

All business units with consumer-oriented products have worked with the development of sustainable packaging, which is a strong driver for the retail trade. Danish Crown Beef is already heavily involved in cooperating on tomorrow's packaging solutions, and similar initiatives are being launched by Tulip Ltd and KLS Ugglarps.

  • Preparing for new ISO 14001 standard

Danish Crown Pork has been certified according to the ISO 14001 standard since 2005. In 2016/17, we have prepared for an upgrade to the revised version of the standard, which, among other things, includes stricter requirements for life-cycle assessments, stakeholder involvement and risk analysis.